Sales and Prices

Show Pig Availability and Selection:

     Show pigs for summer are born mid January - March and are available for sale March - May, generally 110-120 days before the show date.
This sales' window covers nearly all summer fairs and livestock shows.

    All show pigs are sold by appointment only in a private showing on the farm and are chosen from a selection of pigs at a suitable age and weight for your livestock show. We strive to produce champion quality pigs at a managable price and present some of our "top" show pigs at every selection. Appointments and viewings can be made Monday - Saturday.
Please help us maintain a high health standard and bio secure farm, by arriving with clean footwear, clothes, and trailer. Do NOT arrive after being in contact with pigs from another farm!           Thank You!

Show Pig Prices and Family Discount:

$180 / head (for the 1st two show pigs)
$160 / head (for any additional show pigs per family)
                          $135 / head (for select commercial grade show pigs)

Commercial Feeder Pig Availability and Prices:

    Top-quality commercial feeder pigs are available throughout most of the year. Small groups (under 25 hd.) are sold on a per pig basis. Prices for larger groups (up to 150 hd.) are based off of the USDA National Direct Feeder Pig price index using a 48 lb. base weight and a 40 cents per pound slide on over or underweight pigs. Trucking and delivery is available. Call ahead for more information about group size and scheduling.

Vaccinations and Processing:

At the time of the sale, all show pigs will have completed the following

Day 1 (teeth, ear notches, navel) Dybelon-C & D Antitoxin
Day 5 - 7 (castration, de-tailing) Iron Dextran, Penn-G Penicillin, Rhini Shield TX4

Day 18 - 21
 (weaning)  LA 200 (Liquamycin)
Day 28 Rhini Shield TX4
Day 35   CircoFLEX and MycoFLEX (mixed)

Wisconsin Livestock Premise ID #:  004YFDR

Posthuma Show Pigs
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